Welcome to my Campaign Website for District 10 County Commissioner!

Hey folks.  We came up short unfortunately, but I feel great about what we did!  I estimate that we received 40% of the vote ... 40%!  ... that is about 7-10 points higher than past performance.... and that says District 10 is changing.  I promise you that these are encouraging signs that things are changing in the positive direction for the future.  

-----Previous Intro to the Site------

My name is Mike Miga and I want your vote. While I have been an Independent for many years, I have found a home in the increasingly growing tent of the Democratic Party. Please, look through my site, read my story, see what I am passionate about, and then see what you think.  I want your vote.

About Me, About My Campaign, About My Service

My Background

Veteran, researcher, 17+ year Franklin resident, and Dad 

My Top Issues

Public school education, smart growth, historical preservation, supporting our military, and school safety

My Service Life

 Military, education, research, and federal  

GET REV-ved Up!

Are you going to be 18 before August 2, 2018 or November 6, 2018? Or have you just not registered?

R-egister,   E-ducate,   V-ote

Description of the District 10

East of Carlisle Lane/Del Rio Pike & north of Boyd Mill, Fieldstone Farms west of Hillsboro, Fieldstone Farms east of Hillsboro but south of Blackhorse, Montecello, west of Mac Hatcher to the Harpeth and north of 96, going north from 96 excluding old Franklin


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